Under a fully-insured plan, the monthly premium costs are locked in. Even if a group is healthy and have no claims, the savings are kept by the insurance company.

With the Level Funding Plan, and the smart use of Stop loss Insurance, the employer pays a monthly cost that is the maximum cost. No matter how much claims are in a month, the employer will never pay more than this monthly cost. After the all claims are paid for the year, the unused money in the claim fund is returned to the employer.

Florida Homebuyer's Guide to Savings

There are a variety of items that will impact your homeowner’s insurance premium in Florida. The majority of these factors relate to the features of the home itself.

As you go out with your real estate broker to check out all of the homes in your area you will need to understand the different variables associated with understanding the value vs. the savings in insurance premiums that each home will offer.

First time home buyers maybe unaware of some insurance basics this is why they end up making poor decisions. But according to experts amateur mistakes are expected from first time Florida home buyers and it is only through experience that they will learn. Insurance policies don’t cover every single element of your house. Let’s discuss these things in detail.

A lot of people frequently ask this question that how many types of homeowners insurance are there. People these days are keen to find out everything they can about home insurance so that they can make informed decisions. If you have the right knowledge you will be able to select the home insurance plan that suits your needs. Let’s discuss the various types of home insurance in more detail.

Basic Home Insurance

Home Insurance is perhaps the most common type of insurance. Homeowners these days are keen to learn the various elements and options of home insurance as they look to reduce expenses. According to industry experts most people end up saving a lot of money each year just because they know how home insurance works. With the right knowledge you can get yourself the ideal home insurance policy in Florida and not blow your yearly budget on unnecessary expenditures. Here are a few tips to help you understand how home insurance works.

What is it?