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It was a pleasure to work with you (Kirsten) and you saved me a considerable amount of money on my Homeowner's insurance. I'm hoping you can do the same for my son.

Carole B. - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Dan Moran is very personable and is quick and eager to answer questions. Very honest and trustworthy. Highly recommend. 

Catherine L - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I always get the right answer when I call for information.

Terrance W. - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Always respond fast with answers to any and all questions

John P. - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I was looking to switch insurance companies due to an unreasonable increase in premiums for my homeowners. I talked with three insurance companies, however, Kirsten was the most helpful and responsive. She was sincerely interested, listened and proactive in finding a new provider for a solution.   Thank you! 

Claudine H. - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


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You want to pay attention to car insurance premiums in Florida. The goal should be to get the most affordable premium possible. Not all companies and not all people are able to get the same quotes. This is because there are various aspects that go into quotes – and why companies take an individual approach.

Driver History

A driver’s history is a very important aspect of how car insurance in Florida is calculated. If you are a safe driver, you are going to be awarded with a more affordable policy then someone who has a history of being involved in multiple car accidents.

You want to do everything you can to prep your home for the fall weather. Even though it doesn’t get very cold in Florida, it is critical that you do some prep work. Otherwise, you may find that your home is not prepared. The last thing you want is to experience an incident that could lead to having to file a claim on your homeowners insurance.

If you are driving in the state of Florida, you need to have auto insurance. There are better times to shop for this than others. Knowing the best times will make it easier for you to get the necessary coverage and get a great price at the same time.

It's important to look at the cost of medical malpractice insurance in Florida. This is not an expense that you can do without. However, you can control the cost of the premiums. By knowing more about what impacts the cost of the policy, you can do everything you can in order to keep it more affordable.

An auto claim is going to be a necessity if anything happens to your automobile throughout the year. This could be a crash, a shattered windshield, or anything else. Calling your insurance company is a must, though there are some steps you will want to familiarize yourself with to simplify the process. The more you know about making a claim, the easier it will be. Plus, you can get the claim moving along faster so you can get the repairs made.


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Moran Insurance & Financial Solutions is your independent insurance agency serving the entire state of Florida with office locations in Ponte Vedra Beach, Vero Beach and Maitland, FL.  Our mission is to connect our client with an Insurance Program or Financial Solution that makes good business sense.

Moran Insurance and their team of licensed insurance specialists offer a large range of insurance solutions.  We offer a variety of personal, business and group insurance programs to fit your exact needs. Insurance solutions such as, Florida homeowners insurance, auto insurance, commercial general liability, worker's compensation and commerican property in Ponte Vedra Beach, Palm Valley, Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Maitland and Vero Beach and all other cities in the Sunshine State.  

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