Vision insurance is a lesser known form of insurance service available through various insurance providers.

It provides financial coverage for services related to eye care provided by optometrists and ophthalmologists. Vision insurances significantly lowers the cost of prescription eye wear and eye care.


In recent years, more and more companies have started providing various different forms of insurance coverage to their employees as fringe benefits. When an employer buys insurance for their employees, they can use the large number of people as leverage to significantly reduce the cost of insurance. This particular service is called group insurance. Group vision insurance provides coverage of costs related to eye care, eye care prescription accessories, and eye procedures, such as Lasik eye surgery.


Nowadays, most of the white collar and even a lot of blue collar work is done in front of a screen. With our lifestyles putting additional stress on our eyes, the demand for eye care has witnessed an exponential rise. Vision insurance provides mitigation of expenses that would have been spent on eye care. Prescription accessories and procedures are extremely expensive and are not covered through normal health insurance coverage.

More employers need to provide their employees with group vision insurance. Vision has a direct effect on the performance of every single function a person performs, whether it is work related or personal. Due to the ever increasing stress on our eyes in our daily lives, we need to be able to provide proper medical treatment for our sight. The consequence would be a serious and crippling disability. Without our eyesight, we wouldn’t be able to function or perform at our jobs, losing our source of income, etc.

According to the US Department of Labor, less than 30% of the private work force receives vision insurance coverage. Hopefully with some awareness, more employers will start providing group vision insurances.