How an Auto Accident Can Raise the Cost of Insurance in Florida

It's important to know how an auto accident can impact the cost of insurance in Florida. Auto insurance premiums are adjusted regularly, and as a policyholder, if you are involved in an accident, it could cause your insurance to go up dramatically.

Accidents happen every day across the Florida highways. Some are more severe than others. People are injured and cars end up in collision and body shops for repairs. All of this is going to be at a cost – and the cost is what can send your auto insurance sky rocketing.

5 Tips for Saving on Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance can be expensive depending upon the amount of coverage you have in place. Although you may not see the premiums because they are covered within your escrow payment, they are still there. There are a few tips you can follow in order to save money annually on your home insurance premiums.

Inventory Your Home

One of the first things to help you save money on your homeowners insurance is to inventory your home. This means going room by room to identify the overall value of your items. This could be art, jewelry, expensive furniture, and anything else.

How to Create a Safety Program to Reduce Workers Compensation

Once you have a certain number of employees on payroll, you will need to have workers compensation insurance. Your goal is to keep the premiums on this type of insurance as low as possible – and the safety program can help with this. Any time you can minimize the number of accidents, it will be beneficial to you.

Creating a safety program may be easier than you think.

Is Auto Insurance Required in the State of Florida?

No one wants to pay more money than what they need to on a monthly basis. Many people would like to cut out auto insurance premiums in order to save money. However, auto insurance in Florida is required by the state. This means you will need to have at least the minimum level of coverage in place so that you adhere to the various laws.

Why Commercial Auto Claims May Break You

All it takes is one accident in a commercial vehicle for it to break you financially. While you may have commercial auto insurance in Florida, you need to be ready for all that can happen. Unfortunately, we live in a “Sue happy” society. This means that people are more willing to get a lawyer involved than ever before, especially if they think they can make money.

Questions You Should Be Asking as a Small Business

When you are a small business owner in Florida, there are various questions that you should be asking. It will allow you to plan sufficiently and ensure that you have everything you need for financial protection. The task of being a small business owner can be overwhelming, so when you have the ability to ask questions from an insurance agent, you should grab the opportunity.

Life Insurance Myths That Could Be Hurting You

There are a lot of different life insurance myths out there. They are propagated, and before long, everyone seems to believe them. The problem is that if you are avoiding life insurance because of these myths, it could end up hurting you in a number of different ways.

It’s time that you learn the truth.

There’s No Specific Age

You don’t have to be a specific age in order to purchase life insurance. You can also have a policy on anyone in your family, including children.

How Life Insurance is Great for Your Blossoming Family

Many people make the assumption that life insurance is for older individuals. The reality is that it can be beneficial for everyone, including your blossoming family. If you are just starting on building your family, you should have a life insurance policy on everyone, including your little ones.

Knowing more about why you should have life insurance for the family will make it easier for you to including having sufficient coverage and affordable premiums.

Flu Shots & Corporate Wellness in Florida

It doesn't take much for people to get sick in Florida. This is because there is a small change in weather patterns and it's colder than people are used to. Flu season happens from November through February, and it can lead to a number of callouts. When you place emphasis on corporate wellness, it can make it easier to keep your employees healthier – and in their positions at work.

How to Overcome a Disability with Business Insurance

A disability can seem as though it's the worst thing in the world. Whether it happens to you or to one of your employees, you need to be able to bounce back. By having the right business insurance in Florida, it will be easier to overcome any kind of disability, whether it is temporary or permanent.


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